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In India, losses due to car theft are estimated at about 1000 crores and only 1 out of 4 stolen cars is recovered. When a car is stolen, the car owner has to lodge a complaint with the police and settle insurance and outstanding loans. Most low tech car security devices generate false alarms and are not very effective.

Maruti Suzuki has introduced an Intelligent Computerised Anti-Theft System (iCATS)  with all Maruti Suzuki cars (except Esteem and Gypsy). The system is factory fitted and comes with a warranty. If any person tries to start the car without an authorised key, the engine is immobilized.


The original key supplied by Maruti Suzuki contains a small device which transmits a signal with a secret code. The code is received by the antenna on the steering lock. The key code is matched against an internal code stored in the car's computer. If the code does not match, the fuel flow to the car will be blocked and the car will not start.


 If  the original set of car keys is lost, the second set of keys supplied by Maruti Suzuki has to be used. If  the second set of keys is also misplaced or stolen, a new set of  keys will have to be ordered directly from Maruti Suzuki,


The increase in the price for car models equipped with iCATS ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000. There is a special rebate on car finance from ICICI bank for cars with this anti theft device. A car owner can get a reduction of   2.5 % of  own damage insurance premium or Rs 500, whichever is less. This anti-theft device is available in compact car models also.

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