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Home security systems usually consist of  burglar alarms which can detect unwanted intruders. Depending on the area in which the person is staying, type of residence and budget, different  types of  home security systems can be selected. Generally, persons staying in a stand alone bungalow or home are more likely to burgled than persons staying in an apartment complex with security guards.

A professional alarm installation company may be used for a large house in a remote location. Most large alarm installation companies are registered with relevant national security organizations. For valuable property, they offer a "monitored" alarm option, where the alarm signal will be used to directly notify the police. However, the police may require confirmation from a family member or neighbor before taking any action. Most companies charge an annual fee for monitored alarm systems.

If you have a small budget, you can order a burglar alarm and install it yourself. Most security systems use sensors to detect intruders entering through doors and windows. They also have a provision for disabling the alarm, which may be required while cleaning the house. Alarm systems may require some maintenance, like ensuring that the battery is fully charged.

Wired connection are generally more reliable and usually contain a provision to detect wire breakage. Wireless alarm systems are easier to set up, but can be affected by interference. Some alarm systems are combination of a wired and wireless connection. Most burglar alarm systems have a provision to cancel false alarms.

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